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What are R&D Tax Credits? Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief and Tax Credits is an enhanced Corporation Tax relief for the qualifying expenditure of limited companies.
Who is eligible? Companies who take the risk and use science and/or technology to overcome uncertainty, and develop new or improved products, processes or systems / services.
What is the process? Anybody can submit an R&D Tax claim, but to be successful and get the maximum benefit you need experience and detailed knowledge of HMRC guidelines.
FAQ’s? Frequently asked questions and their answers can be found here. We encourage anyone who feels they may be eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits to contact us directly for a free, no obligation consultation.
Thinking of exiting your Business? Luvo Financial can help you asses whether it’s the right time to exit, and also discuss and prepare a well structured exit strategy to suit you and your needs.
Financial Restructuring: Continual development of businesses and their offerings, sometimes render your current structure outdated. Luvo Financial can help with financial and general restructuring, to develop your business and ensure it’s moving with the times.
Turnaround Time? Experiencing financial and operational challenges can be tough, but as specialists, we can help to stabilise the business, assess turnaround options and develop a plan, and successfully execute this turnaround plan.
Refinancing: It may be time to develop a new financial structure, to benefit the business and ensure future success. Luvo Financial also offer refinancing services.

“We have always found lan and Vicki to be very knowledgeable and highly proficient professionals; they are very proactive and helpful, highly credible and totally objective.”

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“We were delighted with the ease of the process, the professionalism, the speed at which HMRC settled the claim, and the cash benefit we received… we would recommend Luvo Financial to any businesses looking to prepare R&D Claims.”


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I would like to thank Luvo for the excellent service provided to our company.
Despite the impedements of having to work with a very limited time frame imposed upon them, and our company’s lack of experience with these particular set of duties, Vicki expertly guided us through the process, explaining the necessity of each of the aspects within our task and providing us with the knowledge of how to adopt these requirements into our business practices.
All work produced by Luvo was carried out exceedingly promptly and with the attention to technical detail that suggest authority within their discipline.

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