About Luvo Financial

What we do and how we do it
About us

Luvo Financial LLP was the brainchild of our two founding partners, Vicki White and Ian Batkin, and was formed in 2015. We are not accountants, we are an independent firm who specialise in and focus totally on R&D Tax Credit claims, working with companies right across the UK. Our two partners are both experienced qualified Accountants, having previously worked for a large national R&D Tax Credits specialist for a number of years, meaning we have extensive experience of preparing R&D documentation for all types businesses.

Our Team

We have an experienced and professional team here at Luvo, currently housing three members of full time staff. Vicki and Ian are both partners of Luvo and Nenagh, who joined us last year, provides support to both partners within the company. We also have some additional, experienced, part-time, consultant resource who we utilise on a as-and-when needed basis. 

Ian Batkin


Vicki White


Why choose us

We have a 100% success record and work on a no-win-no-fee basis, meaning you really do have nothing to loose…

Our contingent fees are one of the most competitive in the sector, and are reimbursed in the unlikely event of the claim being denied by HMRC.

Nothing to pay until an engagement has been formally agreed, but remember it’s ‘no-win-no-fee’!


  1. Independent specialists

2. Keep your own accountant

3. Experienced, knowledgeable team 


Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience means we can take care of every step of the process for you, saving you precious time and ensuring accuracy in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

Our process
We help our clients to:


qualifying Research and Development expenditure, according to HMRC rules.


and maximise qualifying costs against which you can claim.



a Technical Justification Report, to accompany the claim submission to HMRC

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