About Us

About us

Luvo Financial LLP was the brainchild of our two founding partners, Vicki White and Ian Batkin,  formed in 2015. We are an independent firm that specialises in and focuses totally on R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box claims, working with companies all over the UK. Our two partners are both experienced and qualified accountants, having previously worked for a large national R&D Tax Credits specialist for a number of years, meaning we have extensive experience of preparing claim documentation for all types of businesses.

Our Team

We have an experienced and professional team here at Luvo. Vicki and Ian are both partners of Luvo and we also have some additional, experienced, consultant resources who we utilise on an as-and-when needed basis. 

Ian Batkin


Vicki White


Professionally qualified specialists
Both Vicki and Ian are qualified Accountants with a mound of experience in supporting clients in making tax relief claims.
Straightforward, no nonsense process
We are not here to waste yours or our time. We have a straightfoward, simple process that prioritises time-management. During a brief consultation over the phone, we identify whether 1. your company is eligible to claim, 2. what the likely tax saving would be and 3. how we move forward in completing the claim. The documentation we prepare is passed back to your Accountant to be filed, and we then expect HMRC to settle the claim within 4-6 weeks. We deal with any correspondence from HMRC post submission, all of which is included in our competitive fee.
100% success record
Over the years, Luvo has maintained a 100% success record. We will not pursue a claim if we believe it is not financially viable for us to be involved, or HMRC won’t accept the claim, and we aim to be upfront with the client on this in the early stages. We work hard to maximise your claim, within the region that HMRC permits, ensuring common errors such as over or under claiming don’t arise.
No sales team
The Luvo partner you speak with during the consultation, is the person who will see your claim through to submission. They will be your point of contact throughout the process, saving you time and ensuring the process is smooth and efficient.

“We have always found lan and Vicki to be very knowledgeable and highly proficient professionals; they are very proactive and helpful, highly credible and totally objective.”

Managing Director

Croner Taxwise

“We were delighted with the ease of the process, the professionalism, the speed at which HMRC settled the claim, and the cash benefit we received… we would recommend Luvo Financial to any businesses looking to prepare R&D Claims.”


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