Are you eligible for R&D tax relief?

The R&D Tax specialists at Luvo set out 8 key questions to help you understand if you may be eligible to claim valuable tax relief on your R&D activities.
  1. Are you a going-concern Limited company?
  2. Are you comparatively innovative and, if so, do you seek to create new or improved Products, Processes, Services or Systems/Software?
  3. Are you standing the risk/financial cost of the improvement projects/development work that you undertake?
  4. Is what you are doing advancing (or leading) in the sector in which you operate?
  5. Are you dealing with uncertainties and using science and/or technology in seeking to overcome these uncertainties, in the development work/improvement projects you undertake?
  6. Do you experiment, undertake trials or tests, produce samples or prototypes, when developing new or improved Products, Processes, Services or Systems/Software?
  7. Can you confirm you have not recently received any Grants for innovation or for R&D? As this will affect which scheme you can claim under.
  8. Have any projects failed, i.e. not achieved the desired outcome set at the outset of the work? As these will qualify as activity-based claims rather than success-based claims.

If you can answer yes to 4-6 of these questions, there is a significant chance you could be eligible to claim R&D Tax Relief… Leave your details below and one of our dedicated team at Luvo Financial will contact you to further discuss eligibility.

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