We can also assist your clients in making Integral Features Capital Allowances claims.

These are available to UK taxpayers who own or are purchasing or selling commercial properties. By claiming, your client can reduce current and future tax liabilities.

CA’s for Integral Features are in respect of ‘fixtures’ i.e. fixed or integral to a building and can be claimed in accordance with Section 11 of the Capital Allowances Act 2001, by individuals, partnerships and companies.

We manage the process, alongside our experienced and professional chartered surveyor, who will visit your clients properties to identify and appropriately maximise qualifying costs.

We complete the claim paperwork, which is passed back to you / your Accountants at the final stage of submission. See our process illustrated below:

   Case Study: Care Homes Business

We were approached by a firm of Accountants who asked us to look at one of their long standing clients and  assess their eligibility to claim additional Capital Allowances. This client owned a number of nursing homes in the West Midlands.

Firstly, we established that they had not previously made a claim, which meant there was a strong possibility that tax could be saved by claiming now.

During discussions with the client, we established that the properties had changed ownership more than two years prior, when the client incorporated, and unfortunately, they had not completed the necessary documentation to comply with the latest legislation in relation to this change.

Despite this, we agreed and arranged for our chartered surveyor to visit each of the nursing homes to identify qualifying costs, in order for us to prepare the documentation and complete the claims in respect of expenditure in the past couple of years.

The client was disappointed to learn that if they had involved us some years earlier, then the tax saving would have been much higher. Nevertheless, they were pleased with the reasonable tax saving we managed to achieve for them, under the circumstances.