I was recently mid-way through a rather long flight back from Australia, when I heard the chap sat behind me say those famous words…. “I hate Accountants!”

Obviously my ears pricked up straight away. After all, its a long flight so any form of entertainment was welcomed at this point. But the real reason I was listening is that we’ve all heard it a thousand times before.

How many times have you heard someone moaning and whining about us?! I think it’s only Lawyers and Used Car Salesman that beat us in terms of moaned about professions.

Anyway, as I sat there listening it was the same old story. This guy wasn’t happy that his poor old accountant hadn’t been able to complete his tax return within 24hrs.

You can just imagine how it went:

  • The accountant starts asking the client for all the relevant information weeks if not months before the deadline.
  • The client ignores it. He’s got far more exciting things to do (after all doing the books doesn’t float most people’s boat).
  • The accountant chases again. The deadline is closing in and the poor accountants working hours are through the roof, whilst the rest of the world are off on Christmas / New Year jollies.
  • The client still ignores it …. until he realises he is going to face a pretty unpleasant fine if he doesn’t get his arse into gear.
  • The client eventually fires off an email at ‘silly o’clock’ with all (in reality not all) his paperwork appended and demands his work to be completed by the end of play!

And yet somehow this situation was all the accountants doing.

And to be fair this guy wasn’t even the worst offender! We’ve all been there, when that one client rolls into the office, carrier bags of scrunched up bills, ripped receipts, and tea stained paperwork in hand asking for his tax return to be done in a millisecond.

So, in this, the most ‘taxing time of year’ (we all love an accounting pun), I salute you – The Hated Accountant. The over-worked, the over-stretched, and the very over-tired bean counters.

And if you need someone to lighten the load with your R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box or Capital Allowances claims work – you know where we are.

Fellow Hated Accountant,