Luvo is committed to creating and nurturing strong working relationships with accountants, and our team is fortunate to have worked with many since the firm began.

Our team works with accountants in a way that suits their firm and clients – so either directly with clients, or behind the scenes, so that their firm can seamlessly provide specialist R&D Tax Credit and R&D Tax Relief expertise and include it in the firm’s portfolio of client services.

We appreciate that practising accountants have literally hundreds of things about which they advise clients, and recognise they cannot possibly be experts in each and every one of these areas.

R&D Tax Credits, Capital Allowances and Patent Box claims are niche areas, and our firmly held belief is that astute accountants who don’t already employ in-house specialists within their tax departments, should utilise the experience of a professional, independent specialist for support in these areas.

And this is where the Luvo team can help – we provide everything accountants need to achieve this, at the time you need it to share with your clients. Not only can you and your clients benefit from our knowledge and experience, but also our 100% success rate.

7 reasons accountants choose Luvo Financial for their clients’ R&D tax claims:

1. Provide specialist R&D Tax and/or Patent Box advice and solutions behind the scenes, so that accountants can offer clients this Tax advice / support as one of their service portfolios.
2. Work side-by-side as a member of an accountant’s team.
3. Trusted to care for your clients’ R&D Tax and/or Patent Box needs, so accountants introduce us to their clients, and we take things from there; but we most definitely won’t try and ‘poach’ your clients for other work.
4. Generous referral fee: Luvo guarantees a fee in return for accountants referring us and introducing us to clients, whether we work for your clients directly, or become a ‘virtual member’ of your team behind the scenes as your own specialists in R&D Tax advice and solutions.
5. Luvo works on a contingent basis and nothing is charged until an engagement is fully agreed.
6. Comprehensive corporate finance skills set – we are qualified accountants and experienced in all aspects of corporate tax matters. Luvo supports accountants as well as our own portfolio of clients with solutions in R&D Tax Credit and Relief, Patent Box and Capital Allowances, and occasionally / if appropriate, business services from business restructuring to turnaround, exit planning and refinancing.
7. Our team has worked in private practice as well as in-house at a senior level. Our founding partners Ian Batkin and Vicki White are both qualified accountants and previously held senior management roles in industry and accountancy private practice, as well as with a large national R&D Tax Credits specialist, before creating Luvo Financial.

Luvo works predominantly for small and medium sized businesses in a wide variety of industry and market sectors, and also delivers specialist R&D Tax Credit and R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box claims and Capital Allowances advice and claims support to numerous independent accountancy firms and practices.

Luvo work on a contingent basis and nothing is charged for any initial discussions or support until an engagement is fully agreed. The firm’s team has achieved a 100% success record in making claims for its clients.