A Buckinghamshire-based Accountant

An Accountant client of Croner Tax asked for support in confirming the eligibility to claim R&D Tax Credits of one of their Buckinghamshire-based clients, who supply fittings to a number of international airlines. We met with the Accountant and his £8m turnover client, and confirmed (a) that they were indeed eligible, as they were standing the risk / cost of the development work they undertook, were seeking advances and using technology to overcome uncertainties and (b) ‘sized the prize’ i.e. confirmed what the tax save / recovery would be from claiming.

The company was delighted, both with their Accountant and ourselves, particularly so as the claims for the first 2 APE’s reduced their Corporation Tax payable by £88k i.e. by almost 20%, and subsequently their third year by a further £49.5k.