SME providing support services for the deaf recovers just over £11k of Corporation Tax

We were introduced to a small but ambitious £400k turnover Berkshire-based business, who provide a number support services for the deaf, by their Accountant, who we’d previously worked alongside on successful claims for a couple of their other clients. From discussions with the MD of this business, we quickly established that the majority of the work undertaken was not eligible to be claimed under R&D Tax Credits, but that a project that they’d undertaken in the past couple of years, and continued to commit time to, was indeed eligible. They’d recognised the need for better more integrated information and control systems, which needed to be significantly bespoked, to satisfy the particular needs of the niche specialist sector within which they operated.

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The amount of Corporation Tax saved / recovered of just over £11k wasn’t huge, but was meaningful and gave the business further impetus to try push the boundaries further and undertake further development work in providing class-leading support in this worthy sector.