£52k tax saving for West Midlands-based IT/ Audio Visual company

We were introduced to a small but highly innovative IT / Audio Visual company, based in the West Midlands, by their Accountant, who believed their client may be eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits. Upon meeting with the MD of the business it was clear that the business was certainly carrying out technically advanced R&D activity, that would indeed make them eligible to claim. The client was delighted when we were able to confirm that the tax saving they would achieve would be £52k, as a reduction in their current year due, and a repayment of tax previously paid.

If you need advice on claiming R&D tax credits, please get in touch with the expert team here at Luvo and we’ll be happy to help.

The client was also very pleased that whilst his Accountant hadn’t been able to offer the specialist advice internally, they had put them in contact with us, to assist them with the process. They are now improving internal systems in preparation for making their claim for the next year as promptly as possible.