"Is it time for a new financial structure for future success?"

Financial Structure

Sometimes, as a business develops, the financial structure must too, develop. The current structure, may not be the right one anymore, which may be due to, changing circumstances, market conditions, market erosion, investment needs etc. Without refinancing and adapting your structure to suit the business, this may limit growth and potential.

Could your business benefit?

  • Fluctuating financial performance

  • External competition

  • Growth potential stifled by funding structure

  • Little flexibility in current facilities

  • Market opportunities

  • Erosion / loss of market share

7 + 6 =

Whether it be needing to develop and mature the business and its financial model, or the current structure is restricting development, Luvo Financial can help you to decide which steps to take and assist in executing these steps.

Here are some of the refinancing options:

  • Private equity
  • Asset-based lending
  •  Alternative finance
  • Trade finance
  • Invoice financing
  • Payroll finance