"Time to look at the financial and/or organisational structure of your business"
The environment in which businesses succeed is unpredictable. The markets are constantly changing; rising and falling. Continual technological breakthroughs, and a demanding consumer base can all render a company’s original business model impractical and unsuccessful. The points below detail some of the challenges your business may be facing, and how Luvo Financial can help you to find a structuring process suited to you.

Challenges within the business:

  • Operational issues
  • Skill / people issues
  • Pensions deficit
  • Actual / potential breach of covenant
  • Cash pressure / Liquidity shortfall
  • Over leveraged
  • Credit ratings downgrade

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How we can help:

  • Crisis recovery
  • Regain control, preserve the business
  • Cutting costs
  • Introduction and assessment of restructuring options
  • Creating revenue and optimising your business
  • Improve operational efficiency