Tear for Fears (Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith) have been one of my favourite bands for as long as I can remember…

I mean after all, who can possibly not like ‘Mad World’ and ‘Shout’?

But I have to admit that ‘young Nenagh’ in our office surprised me somewhat the other day by asking “who?” and saying that she’d “never heard of them!”

They’ve actually been around for more than 35 years, have sold about 30m records, and I personally think that they’ve been ‘cool’ since before that word meant something other than cold.

Funnily enough, they were recently announced for Radio 2’s 50th Birthday Concert Series – so I obviously applied for tickets. Unfortunately, this time I missed out, not really ‘tears’ but a bit disappointing I have to admit.

As I drowned my sorrows, I jumped onto YouTube and sank a couple of hours into watching them co-headline with Hall & Oates on their recent North American tour.

Funny thing about that is, I recently read someone describing the two bands as having ‘timeless quality’ and very much ‘complementing what each do’.

Which got me thinking about how we work…

We partner with firms of Accountants (like yours), complementing what they do by providing high-quality, specialist, value-adding R&D Tax Credits and Integral Features Capital Allowances services to their clients.

Helping them identify their clients’ eligibility to claim, confirming the likely tax saving / recovery from claiming and providing support in then making timely, worthwhile claims.

This truly is WIN : WIN!

The client is usually delighted; as no-one likes paying more tax than they need to, and the unexpected tax rebate that is promptly received is often very welcome.

The Accountant then retains a happy client and also benefits by receiving an introducer’s fee.

The good news is, we do most of the work, while the Accountant files the returns and has total visibility / retains overall control of this process.

It’s that simple ~ well nearly.

So, if you’d like to discuss working / partnering with us with a view to saving your clients tax and thereby making them happy, my ‘Advice to the Young at Heart’ is to not hesitate to get in touch.